Why a Viennese Ball in Geneva?

“The tradition of Viennese balls is known throughout the world. In many cities, such as New York, Brussels or Paris, this annual tradition is an integral part of social life from an early age. I note, moreover, that respect for this tradition based on exchange and sharing through music and dance continues to increase.


The Viennese ballroom concept is not just about “networking.” It is about conveying a message. In the case of this 1st Viennese ball, held at the Ritz-Carlton, Hotel de la Paix  and with the accord of the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, it is the preservation of peace.


According to the latest studies launched by the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, about 80% of participants say they “enjoy spending this evening with their partner”, of which 35% want to meet with business partners as well.


A traditional Viennese ball is a whirlwind of excellence. After the opening show with the beginners’ waltz, the dance floor welcomes all the guests. They may wander from table to table, sharing a glass and some small canapés. Some take the opportunity to talk business, others find the love of their lives. The gentlemen are proud of their elegant partner and the ladies appreciate being the “queens” for one night. All this without even saying that a ball unites generations and society as a whole.


This cultural event will take place with the support of the UN, near the place where a century earlier, the creation and inauguration of the League of Nations (LoN), the forerunner of the idea of peace in Europe, took place. This ball, which I think comes from within me, is part of a series of events beginning in 2019 related to the memory of the predecessor of the UN.


Having wished for years to work for the bringing together of Geneva and the International world, the holding of this Viennese ball on 6th June 2019 at the Ritz-Carlton, Hotel de la Paix will be the realisation of my commitment to make known, this popular tradition so dear to my heart!


I thank you in advance for your interest and your support.”


Ms Brigitte Lüth

Director and event manager