Word by the president

“The association (Les Amis de la Musique du Bal Viennois) undertakes to promote cultural exchange between the cities of Vienna and Geneva, notably by organising cultural and musical events and in particular a ball according to the Viennese tradition. I am all the more pleased with this initiative being myself from Vienna and from Geneva by adoption.


This  first Vienna ball in Geneva will take place on the 6th June 2019 in the unique décor of the Ritz-Carlton, Hotel de la Paix and marks the beginning of a series of events commemorating the centenary of the League of Nations (LoN.) On the 25th September 1937 the president of the XVIII League of nations assembly, his highness the Aga Khan, invited his guests to an evening of dancing, the UN is supporting this ball to remember the importance of an organisation dedicated to maintaining peace.


The LoN was born of the will, not to re-live the horrors of the First World War and to preserve peace through collective negotiations and was at the origin of one of the great advances of humanity. It was the first body to deal with international affairs institutionally. Thus modern multilateralism has become one of the principles of international relations that the UN and its agencies subsequently adopted.


The commonalities between international multilateralism and the universal language of music are agreement on a common score, a harmonious rhythm and a multitude of actors. A Viennese ball will link these two important UN capitals through the Geneva heritage and the Viennese tradition in a spirit of openness and friendship.


It is therefore with great pleasure that we can welcome this initiative.”


Madam l’ Ambassadeur Marie-Thérèse Pictet-Althann

President “Les Amis de la Musique de Bal Viennois”