To reserve your tickets,

Please complete the membership form and follow the steps below : 

  • Fill out the supporting member request form Carte membre sympathisant
  • Send the form to the following address:
  • Pay your subscription of 200.- CHF to the following account
    Account Holder : Association Les amis de la musique de bal viennois
    IBAN : CH18 0027 9279 2930 9941 N
  • You will receive your supporting membership card by post

This card offers the following conditions : 

  • The supporting membership card is valid for the calendar year (1st Jan to 31st Dec)
  • The supporting membership card gives you (non-transferable) access to the annual Vienna ball (including entry, drinks and dinner buffet, opening ceremony & performances)
  • The supporting membership card is non-transferable
  • The supporting member card is not reimbursable


Informations about access to the Vienna ball :

Upon entry, you will be requested to show both your membership card and an ID. Since the membership card is non-transferable, your ID and your membership card have to relate. Otherwise, admission will be refused

The number of supporting membership cards is limited to 200. They will be issued on “a first come, first served” basis.


Book your table to comfortably enjoy this exceptional evening.


As the number is limited, we invite you to contact Mr. Jacques Pahud directly, who will confirm or deny their availability, and the reservation procedure.

For your information, we propose different table sizes depending on the number of seated guests, as follows:

  • Table for 8 seated guests = 1’000.-
  • Table for 6 seated guests =    750.-
  • Table for 4 seated guests =    500.-