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By joining art and history, Vienna and Geneva – two cosmopolitan cities – have the ambition to make you living an exceptional moment on the occasion of the reception of the first Vienna ball in French-speaking Switzerland

Mixing universal values and traditions, this unique ball will make an entrance in the heart of Genevan society, the 6th June 2019, in the prestigious Ritz-Carlton, Hotel de la Paix. This grand ball will bring together, in a place of exquisite architecture: music, dance, gastronomy and evening dress.


Associate your company with the event and benefit from visibility in a varied public, impassioned with elegance, lifestyle & culture.

“Life is movement, movement is relation” 

Become a partner, it’s the opportunity to:

  • Receive your clients at a celebrated venue:  Ritz-Carlton, Hotel de la Paix
  • Deepen public relation with your clients, suppliers or colleagues
  • Share an original and friendly evening in a spirit of openness and friendship
  • Boost multilateralism in your international relations thanks to the universal language of music
  • Present your brand in our marketing materials (membership card, e-invitation, programme, flyer, posters) destined for participants (General public of French speaking Switzerland,) guests from partner schools, actors in civil society of both Geneva and Vienna etc.


For your information, please note that that any proposal regarding your partnership with our association will be the subject of a tailor-made contract. In particular, it will mention the value of your tax-deductible contribution.


Please do contact for any fiscal deduction information or any other matter.

Vienna Town (Austria)

The Viennese ball has a long tradition and is an integral element of the cultural life of the city of Vienna. To promote Vienna at the international level, the city has participated annually for more than 40 years in 40 Viennese balls around the world. These social events make Vienna known in the world as a city of Music. Viennese balls contribute in forging new networks and deepen existing cultural and economic contacts as well as promote friendly relations between cities.
We are pleased that the city of Vienna supports the introduction Viennese Balls in Geneva society

Ideas business.

Our mission is to create and implement innovative business together with established companies. Accelerate innovative growth during waltz dancing: we are proud to be among the official supporters of the first Viennese ball in Geneva.

Impact4you Training Coaching Mediation

Empowering business and work-life success

Impact4you goes far beyond change as it is all about transforming your energy into actions and success

You may not always have full control over the difficult circumstances in your life. Nevertheless, with our customized and tailored programmes in Self-Management, Career transitions and Mediation facilitation, you always have the choice to choose your best option.

The best is yet to come. On the occasion of the Vienna Ball on June 6th 2019, Impact4you will give a 10% discount on the following programmes during one year: «  The Manager Coach », Career Portfolio and professional or personal Mediation facilitation.