New edition 2024

Program of the evening

The tradition of Viennese balls is known worldwide. In many cities like New York, Brussels, or Paris – and now also in Geneva – this annual tradition is an integral part of social life from an early age. I observe that the respect for this tradition, based on exchange and communal experience through music and dance, continues to grow.

19:00 - Welcome of participants

  • Welcome cup accompanied by a string quartet

20:00 - Start of the Viennese opening ceremony

21:00 - "Alles Walzer" - Opening in the Ballroom

  • Cocktail reception – Austrian specialities
  • Alternating waltzes and ballroom dances, artistic performances

00:00 - Quadrille in the Viennese tradition

00:45 - Closing waltz "Brüderlein Fein"

01:00 - End of the evening