Friends of Viennese Ball Music

The association “Friends of Viennese Ballroom Music” is committed to improving the cultural bridge between Geneva and Vienna, known as the capital of the music world.

No other city in the world has attracted so many great composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, Mahler, Johann Strauss – to name only the most famous of them.

Goals of the association

  • To promote cultural exchanges between the cities of Geneva and Vienna.
  • To organize cultural and musical events, in particular a ball in the Viennese tradition.

Committee Members

  • President: Ambassador Marie-Thérèse PICTET-ALTHAN
  • Treasurer: Mr. Jürgen HELÈNE
  • Secretaries: Brigitte LÜTH and Roswitha FRANZ

Advisory Board Members

  • Pia EFFRONT, Directrice Générale adjointe chez Ecole Moser SA
  • Jacque PAHUD, Consultant
  • Illyra PFYFFER, Illyra Communication 
  • Antoni Von PLANTA, Directeur Générale chez The Ritz-Carlton Hôtel de la Paix, Geneva
  • Astrid Zinniel, Vienna Unique
  • Robert ZOELLS, Consul général d’Autriche et Associé DWZ avocats
  • Stephan ZWETTLER, Fondateur & Directeur chez SZ Informatique

Honorary members

Creation: June 22, 2018
Legal form: Non-profit association
Trade Register Number: CHE-465.256.417