The tradition of the Viennese Ball is known throughout the world. In many cities such as New York, Brussels or Paris – and now also in Geneva – this annual tradition is an integral part of social life from an early age. I observe that the respect for this tradition based on exchange and sharing through music and dance continues to grow.

The concept of the Viennese Ball is not only a means of “networking”. It is also a way to convey a message. According to the latest surveys launched by the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, about 80% of the participants say they “like to spend this evening with their partner”, of which 35% also want to meet business partners.

A traditional Viennese Ball is a whirlwind par excellence. After the opening show with the beginners’ waltz, the dance floor welcomes all guests. The latter wander from table to table, while sharing a drink and some appetizers. Some take the opportunity to talk business, others find the love of their life. The riders are proud of their elegant partners and the ladies enjoy being the “queens” for a night. A ball also unites generations and society as a whole.

The great success of the Viennese balls abroad is due to their democratic components: openness to the public; mixing of generations and social backgrounds; introduction of young people to music, dance and etiquette; possibility of professional and private exchange.

On behalf of the organizing committee of the Viennese Ball in Geneva, I thank you in advance for your interest and support for the 4th edition on May 3, 2024.

Ms. Brigitte Lüth
Director & Event Manager